South Bay local Jeff Capri has been performing professionally for over 18+ years.

His active career keeps this national headlining comic working in Las Vegas, cruise ships, USO tours, corporate events, and television appearances. Including Comics Unleashed, Last Comic Standing, Who Wants to Date a Comedian? Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star, and more. Jeff also stars in the acclaimed comedy documentary I 'AM BATTLE COMIC.'

Jeff has appeared along side many respected entertainers, including Ellen DeGeneres, Joy Behar, Rosanne and Adam Sandler. Jeff is also a graduate of LA's Second City Conservatory program. 


What you will learn:

Writing. How to develop material personal to you. Performing, dealing with nervousness, hecklers, stage presence, set preparation, microphone technique. (Yeah really!)  


Most of all, you will receive plenty of STAGE TIME, that will teach you, more than anything, how to relax onstage and bring out whats organically fun & funny while maintaining confidence on stage. 

All in the non-intimidating, amazingly friendly, and comfortable workspace inside Sunset Learning Studio.

"Jeff will pass along his take on the do's and dont's of stand-up comedy along with tricks and insight that only a working comic today can share."


NEW 2 hour Weekly Classes